Hospital Training Courses

DIEMME srl is able to guarantee training courses for interested healthcare workers. These courses are held with qualified personnel and in close collaboration with the manufacturers also through guided tours of the production units.

Group of doctors on seminar in lecture hall at hospital. Hospital, profession, people and medicine concept

Patient Hygiene

DIEMME srl provides  training for healthcare workers  responsible for the hygiene of  bedridden and / or non-self-sufficient patients. These courses are crucial for guaranteeing the correct use and streamlined consumption  of dedicated products, ie equipment for washing patients which as well cleansing the body also contribute to preventing the risk  of bedsores. The advanced professional training of staff and the innovative quality  of our devices translate into guaranteed and reduced costs, the streamlining of current procedures and an improvement in the quality of hospital stays  for patients.


Endoscopic Spine Surgery

With the innovative "JOIMAX“ technique, Diemme srl offers healthcare workers the chance to participate in courses also at the Manufacturer’s site, including cadaver workshops in leading German and Austrian universities, with the assistance of highly-qualified teachers to guarantee optimum levels of surgical dexterity during operations.

Sales Network

DIEMME srl also regularly organises training and update courses for its Retailers and Distributors across Italy to ensure the highest possible levels of professionalism of its Sales Force. These courses are often coordinated with the presence of our trusted Suppliers for the launch of new products and the presentation of the most appropriate sales strategies.